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Is mono-eating the answer to your digestive system issues and assisting with weight loss?

Mono stands for ‘Monotrophic’ and what it means is you eat one fresh produce item at a point in time for a snack or meal e.g. oranges, potatoes.

What are the benefits:

· Gives your digestion a rest: Combining proteins, starches, fats and sugars in one meal can create a burden on our digestive system as our bodies have to break these all apart in order to turn it into energy. This often shows up as bloating and other digestive issues.

· Healthier eating: Whole food plant-based mono meals leaves out processed foods which have a significant amount of additives and preservatives which lead to weight gain. Its all natural and floods the body with nutrients in one go.

· Retraining our brain: When we only eat one food, our senses are not overloaded with tastes and textures which makes it hard for our brain to determine if we are still hungry or not. This is great to recover from emotional eating and re-train your brain to know when you are full.

· Help you identify food intolerances: by mono eating you can work out which food work for you and which don’t. Food intolerance can cause bloating and decreasing our gut function. By working these out and eliminating them

· Mode of fasting/detoxing: if you mono-eat for 24 hours this can be classed as a cleanse, giving the liver and digestion a break to clear out the old.

So why not give mono-eating a try for just one meal or two a day. My favourite is potatoes (no you can’t add oil!) or mangoes.


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