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Is Juicing or Blending better?

So when you smoothie you are using and consuming the whole fruit/veggie which includes the fiber that is attached to it. Therefore, your body uses enzymes and energy to digest this fiber when the smoothie hits your digestive system. Because of this process less nutrients are assimilated.

Juicing removed the fiber making it easier for the body to absorb nutrients without the need for digestion. Therefore, it acts more like a supplement than a smoothie. It floods the body with nutrients that you couldn’t otherwise get in your diet. E.g. when are you going to eat 8 oranges in a row? Probably never but juicing 8 oranges will allow vitamin c to be directly put into your system and at a higher level than say 1 orange since we cant eat 8 (if you want to eat 8 I mean go for it).

The choice comes down to your goals and what your digestive system is like. These days a lot of people have digestive issues e.g. IBS, bloating etc which makes raw fruit/veg harder to digest but also if your digestive system isn’t working 100% then the nutrients wont always be absorbed from the food you are eating – this is where juicing is perfect.

Juicing facilitates healing in the body, that is other main positive for juicing! Because of the high density of nutrients and your body getting a break from the digestive process it can work on cleaning and healing your body. Your body starts to eliminate inferior tissues and toxins from the body and build healthier tissues.

With smoothies you retain the fiber, which can help you feel fuller and can replace a meal, where a juice cannot replace a meal. It is also perfect to add in superfoods e.g. spirulina, chorella, alma, moringa which cannot be juiced. Since it is blended it is a little bit easier on the digestive system than raw food or cooked food so can help with digestive issues.

Either process can help you to increase your fruit /vegetable and n intake and create less waste in the kitchen.

Curious how to use these as detox tools or thinking about taking up juicing? Feel free to get in touch or check my instagram for some recipes!

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